FMCG Specialized Logistics Company in India

We are a fast, FMCG specialized Logistics company in India. FMCG is an intensely competitive business with eroding margins and frequent price wars. Much of the competitive edge that FMCG companies have comes from building an efficient distribution strategy and network.

Anova Global Logistics is sensitive to the needs of this industry. Our innovative distribution channel reaches the remotest parts of the country making us a front-runner in this business.Our premium service for short shelf-life FMCG products is designed to move goods in the shortest possible time, using the most efficient route, and is a by-product of our expertise in this business.

Our ability to think on our feet and take action, our ability to handle situations with persistence and passion, our pioneering spirit, speed, positive attitude and customer-first orientation have helped FMCG companies rise to the occasion and meet their logistical challenges.