Pharma Specialized Logistics Company in India

ANOVA is present as a secure Pharma specialized Logistics company in India. Anova Global Logistics is a logistics partner of choice for some of the world’s leading healthcare companies, both in India and abroad. We work closely with several pharma companies to gain a deeper understanding of the growing demands in pharma cold-chain integrity, and tailor our solutions to help them achieve operational excellence.

Our specific and customized solutions help protect sensitive pharmaceutical cargo during transport by shielding it from variations in temperature, as well as shock and vibrations. Similarly, during storage, Anova Global Logistics offers clean and modern facilities for handling a wide range of pharmaceutical or medical products. Our SOPs (standard operating procedures) are appropriately customized for each customer. Our pharmaceutical and medical specialists located in offices throughout India complement our state-of-the-art facilities that are equipped to provide secure and temperature-controlled handling and storage.

All these have made us a one-stop logistics partner for pharmaceutical and medical product manufacturers.
Key service offerings include:

  • Clean warehouses
  • Secure cages for high-value cargo and scheduled drugs
  • Pick-Pack, distribution, labeling, and RMA
  • Online inventories
  • 24-hour security
  • Temperature controlled storage
  • Defined organization, procedures and SOPs for each origin and destination
  • Refrigerated trucking
  • Full service packing and re-packing
  • Defined organization, procedures and SOPs for each origin and destination
  • Use of FTZs for reduction/elimination of import duties and Material Processing Fees (MPF)

Anova Global Logistics is experienced in the handling of numerous pharmaceutical and medical commodities such as

  • Dry pharmaceuticals (such as pills, tablets and ingredients)
  • Liquid pharmaceuticals/perishables
  • Medical stents and bandages
  • Reagents, diagnostics, solutions
  • Biochemical agents: blood samples, infectious diseases and cancer, medical research items
  • Medical devices, durable medical equipment and instruments
  • Ophthalmology/optometry

Maintaining perishables requirements

  • Maintain cargo at cooler or freezer until last moment for airline cutoff
  • Prep and loading of envirotainers
  • Icing/Re-icing (dry-ice, gel packs, etc.)
  • Monitoring temperatures and re-icing at any transit points